The service of wastewater treatment plant is a service aimed at owners of wastewater treatment plants who do not have professional technological support. Constant contact with our technology allows you to solve possible problems of a functioning wastewater treatment plant and ensure a stable ecological effect at low operating costs.

The service on the work of wastewater treatment plant is a permanent, periodic (usually monthly) visit to the facility. After each visit, a report of the analyses performed and the observations carried out with precise guidance on the operation of the facility is prepared. The process of operating the treatment plant by our company provides lower operating costs, and in addition, the care is provided by specialists in the mechanical hydraulic, electrical and technological industries.

The experience of our service and maintenance teams allows us to operate most of the equipment and technologies available on the Polish and European market, which are implemented in sewage treatment plants.

As part of our services we offer you the following activities:


Monitoring of basic operating parameters of the treatment plant

As part of the monitoring, we determine the optimum dose of chemical reagents necessary to achieve the assumed degree of subcleaning of wastewater according to the conditions. The next step is the current process control: coagulation, neutralization, flocculation, saturation and flotation.


Service and maintenance inspection and supervision

We have our own service teams, which, if necessary, operate in the technical emergency mode (depending on the type of contract with the customer) providing comprehensive maintenance and service services in the municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants. Mechanics, automatics and electricians are the perfect combination for fast, efficient and professional operation. 24h/7days option.


Reports of studies and works performed

Preparation of reports of studies and works, including conclusions and recommendations, aiming to: maintain stable operation of the facility, obtain minimum operating costs, achieve an ecological effect in accordance with the conditions in place of wastewater, indication of possible causes of improper operation of the plant.


Performance Guarantee

For all our work we provide you with a written mechanical guarantee and warranty for the resulting ecological effect.


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