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Sludge sediments are a troublesome problem in every treatment plant. For technological and sanitary reasons, the process of processing and neutralizing sludge is often complemented by its hygienisation by mixing with quicklime. This process, also called chemical stabilization of the sludge, consists in mixing dehydrated sludge with lime, which causes changes in the properties of sludge particles. In this way, it is possible to obtain far-reaching stabilization and hygienization of the sludge, which is manifested in:

– reduction in the number of pathogenic organisms,
– reducing the content of organic compounds (s.m.o. fraction),
– reducing the amount of water in the sludge,
– increase in dry mass of sludge (s.m.),
– immobilization of some metals in the sludge,
– odor control,
– improving the ability of sediments to transport.